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Redefine Life On Your Terms

Ultimately, you alone are the one who writes your story. And, sometimes that means we have to change our mindsets, destroy our limiting beliefs, learn to love ourselves, and begin to dream again. Don’t accept what someone else wants you to be or says that you are. Redefine life on your terms.

How do I do that, you may ask? The key is in our Past, Present, and Future.

We are not defined by our past. We can redefine our identity and rewrite our story.

We must learn to embrace the present. What are we doing that brings us joy and lets us truly enjoy life right now?  How do we redefine home?

The future can be what we want it to be. What are we doing today for our future that will leave our mark and redefine our legacy?

Redefine Home
Redefine Identity
Redefine Legacy

Essentially Glorified

If the idea of taking ownership of your health, your vitality, your glow, your time, and your success appeals to you … I’ve got you covered! You may be wondering if there is actually something to these essential oils you have seemingly stumbled upon?

Grab a tea or sparkling water, settle in to a comfy chair, and let me guide you through the next few steps that just may, or in my opinion WILL, change your life. 

I will make sure you have full access to education, resources, and all the tools you need to take radical responsibility for your vibrant life and Live Glorified with very practical steps!

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About Glori

This is Glori’s husband, Tim. I asked her if she would let me write an introduction for her website.

Glori is a woman that seeks after the Lord above everything else.

She is a wife, mother, and grandmother. 

Her support for me has given me the strength and confidence to achieve beyond anything I could ever imagine. She has the unique ability to make those around her believe that they are her top priority. That skill has convinced me and our children, Dulce and Joshua, that we are always number one in her life.   

On top of taking care of us, she is also an author, operations specialist, and a health and wellness expert.  She has run multiple businesses over the years and continues to create and build as if she is just getting started.

She has been faced with many challenges in life from youth to adulthood. And, she chose to use those trials to press in closer to the Lord. That pressing has forced her to grow and change the way she thinks and lives. Now, she wants to use those life experiences to help people just like you “Redefine Life On Your Terms”.

Her heart is huge and she has such a deep love for those around her. If you connect with her, I have no doubt that you will be Glorified!

Tim's Sig

I am an Executor with deep experience in assessing problems, designing systems, and implementing solutions. My strengths include organization, discernment, and focus. 

Using an Agile thought process, I have been privileged to serve as a Trusted Advisor to top Executives globally. And, as a Certified Scrum Master, I had the pleasure of serving the team that brought the first paid product to market for the Mozilla Corporation.

Today, I am on a journey to use my skills and talents to help others achieve impact by helping them to Redefine Life Their Terms.

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The Winders Six