Loyalty Rewards Program

The Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) is an optional, monthly auto-shipment that enables Wellness Advocates and Wholesale Customers to qualify for rewards. Your monthly LRP order is saved on a cart in your account. You can change what you receive every month by editing the contents in the cart before your selected processing date. Once opted into the LRP, your benefits include:

1) Earning Loyalty Rewards Program points.

If your LRP order contains at least 50 PV*, you will earn a percentage of that PV back in points that you can redeem for free product. The longer you place orders of at least 50 PV on the program, the larger the percentage you earn back grows.

2) Qualifying for Commissions.

With a monthly LRP order of at least 100 PV*, you can qualify to earn commissions from Fast Start, Power of Three, and Unilevel Bonuses.

Benefits of LRP

3) Qualifying for the Product of the Month.

You can qualify to receive our free Product of the Month if you place an LRP order of at least 125 PV within the 1–15 of the month. This oil changes monthly, and will be added to your order automatically when you meet the qualifications. The Product of the Month can be earned only once a month.



4) Earning Full Shipping Rewards Program points.

You have the potential to earn 100 percent of your shipping cost back in points on every LRP order you place. Shipping Rewards Program (SRP) points, like LRP points, can be redeemed for free product. SRP points will combine with your LRP points for you to use. 

Things to Note:

  • A minimum of 1 PV* is required in the LRP cart at all times. This will maintain your current percentage and accrued points.
  • You can change the run date, but you cannot skip a month of ordering.
  • You can choose to process your LRP cart multiple times a month.
  • Multiple LRP carts can be set up. They will each run automatically every month.
  • To remove yourself from the Loyalty Rewards Program, contact Member Services via phone, chat, or email.

*PV (Personal Volume): This is a numeric value assigned to each product. It is used as the qualifier for commissions, rank, and promotions. Product purchased with points have no PV.

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